Severus Snape vindicated! In a hairy way ;-)

The world outdoes itself in exciting things these days. Even as students and their teachers try to wrap up classes, even as the World Cup looms, even as Britain gets the new government it wants (good luck with that), even as mothers in the U.S. receive honors or at least new household appliances (pfft),  oil gushes into the Gulf of Mexico spill (a.k.a. Earth Massacre XXXVILL) at the rate of 5,000 barrels daily.  Outrage is one way of dealing with that outrageous circumstance. Another is to contribute to the clean-up from afar. Hair and nylons, my pretties, hair and nylons. San Francisco is setting the participation standard high, but we could reach out and share the glittery glory!

This link takes you to a site called Compleat Thought through which you can donate, and organize donations of, human hair and critter fur to soak up all that oil. It is especially appropriate that the HP fandom take an active role in this call for hair because:

  1. Severus always has greasy HAIR
  2. Harry always has awful HAIR
  3. Draco always has fabulous HAIR
  4. BRITISH Petroleum is the current culprit
I know there are some great prompts in all this. :-)
Here is the National Public Radio story FYI:


Child forced to get gang tattoo in real life - ick.

I saw this and immediately thought of all the Draco-forced-to-get-Dark-Mark fics. This, however, is worse than any in that the kid is only 7 YEARS OLD.  At least "Narcissa" turned against "Lucius" and the "Aurors" are after him! Wish there was something magical in this kid's life.

[xpost IJ]

Fresno, CA (KFSN) -- Fresno police are looking for a bulldog gang member, wanted for forcing his child to get a gang tattoo.

Officials said the seven year old was tattooed with a bulldog paw print last week.

Police also said his father, identified as Enrique Gonzalez, took off after finding out the child's mother was going to report him to authorities.

Police have arrested 20 year old tattoo artist Travis Gorman for giving the child the tattoo.

Investigators said it is not uncommon to see photographs of children wearing gang paraphernalia or babies wearing bulldog "onesies" while serving search warrants, but they said this case is disturbing.

The seven year old's father faces six felony counts and additional felonies for other cases.

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Go ahead, laugh at me

Is ANYBODY else just finishing the book after buying it quickly last summer, all aflutter? 

What can I say?

Someone I work with spoiled the Big Issue for me, and within a month I just started reading the new fics with DH spoiler warnings because, frankly, so many of the fics you all write are too interesting to ignore (and slashier by far). So little by little I learned what happened and then I found I didn't want to read the book at all until I knew all the Pretty Big Issues.  If I couldn't have it all be a big surprise, I didn't want any surprises.

Now does anybody remember where I can go to see discussion of the book? I have some impressions I want to share, or see if they are shared by others.  Thanks, and I'm glad if I could make you laugh, even though at my own expense!

Poking along slowly,

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Global warming, anyone?

Is anybody else dealing with the Southern California wildfires?  I got out of San Diego, as far as Los Angeles.  It took 2 hours to drive the first 30 miles ON THE FREEWAY, surrounded by cars crammed with people's possessions, pets, bits of furniture.  Fancy cars, beater cars, cars pulling over from overheating while crawling along at a snail's pace. At least everyone was driving nicely. 300,000 people evacuated.  I never understood such a thing, really, until I experienced it yesterday. I left behind lots of people staying to water down their homes, or to host friends who had already been forced out.  Well, it will be easier for them all to get out later with so many of us gone already. 
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(no subject)

I haven't noticed anyone with Holly yet so I thought I'd post mine. It's funny, I was just reading about the Forer Effect (personal validation fallacy) but I don't think that applies to Ollivander's wands because magic is better than psychology, don't you agree

Um, what did I do to get all this blank space here??

Wood type: holly
Length: 14 inches
Core: Unicorn Hair

get your own wand!


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Paying forward from slytherincess who got it from emmagrant01 . . "Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is 'pay it forward' by making a similar agreement on your blog."

I thought this was a brilliant idea for connecting us in the midst of all the movement  away from LJ or additions to LJ.  I'm afraid we are going to have 2/3 of us on IJ and 3/4 of us on GJ and an untold number on JournalFen, and then one of them will start deleting us, too, and....Well, it is important that we stay in touch.  And make a strong sense of community in this odd moment of transition.  Kudos to slytherincess for this; I'll take my turn.  The first 3 of you to leave a comment here on my blog will get something crafty, handmade by me, within 365 days.  It will be a surprise when it comes, and it will be a nice reminder of how widespread we are and how connected we can be.

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